Enlightenment Journey Parts 1 & 2

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Today is the day we share our motivation with you. We are here to enlighten you on your journey. To share wisdoms, truths and helpful ideas to assist you in moving your life in the direction of highest alignment with your soul. It is nothing to be afraid of. In fact it is the very thing for which you have been asking, even begging at times.

Yet what stops you? What are you doing that gets in the way of your life progressing in such a manner that your alignment is assured and felt? It gets to the heart of your experience here. Why you came here, why you are who you are. It is what you had in mind, yet the feeling and experiencing of which has you feeling more confusion than clarity.

You are here for feeling. You came to experience the turmoils and tribulations. Yet, in your heart you know that the turmoil is not the end game. It is a byproduct of setting up what you are really after. Enlightenment. Yet how can you enlighten yourself from a place of pure lightness? You cannot.

What you can do, though, is create the circumstances in which you may have the perfect experiences to overcome. You overcome obstacles, challenges, and misunderstandings in order to gain the new, desired perspective you look at as enlightenment.

So, you have long since set the stage and gotten completely wrapped up in the dramatic scene you created. The life you have led so far. What we as your divine helpers witness is the barrier you seem to erect for yourselves. You are challenged with believing that you may not go any farther than you already have. You feel that there is no real possibility for enlightenment, though you strive for it so. You see, this belief is part of what you set out to overcome. This belief holds the whole puzzle, the whole dramatic scene, together.

How could it not? Were you to honestly confront that creative aspect of self, you would find large doubt that enlightenment, or ascension, is even possible for you. Why do you suppose this is? May we suggest that, were you to see regular examples of people embracing this experience and moving through the transition process of enlightenment, you would feel it was achievable by anyone.

You have picked a time in creation that is burgeoning with seekers. So very many looking for that enlightenment. A time when all manner of practices are encouraged and embraced to guide one’s self to that precipice.

Yet, there you stand. We are here to support you, to guide you and to encourage you to find more will within your heart to see life and enlightenment from a new vantage point. Let us guide you to seek beauty, joy, love and compassionate understanding. You see, these are the emotions that feel most like the divine you seek.


What has you bent out of shape? Would you consider relaxing your grip on it? Would you consider, even for a moment, an idea?

This idea is one of revolution. Revolution within you. The idea is this: What if all you believed was up to you to keep or discard? What if you had it within your very being to discard old notions that have served their purpose? If you begin with choosing an idea of your own which brings feelings of discomfort, fear or aloneness, decide that it has no real merit. That the information or understanding it was based on no longer needs to be held as true for you. That it may be transformed at your own will. How do you feel you would shift your perspective? What if we told you the idea of separation from Source was only a flimsy idea at best?

You may very well feel a bucking of the ego, or mind, as it holds on to all it’s known and how it frames the universe, and its rules it created for it. This, of course, is very natural.

What we suggest, is to see yourself in a new way. To decide that enlightenment is more of an easy journey. That your path you are on is bound to get you there. You need not worry or fret your time away with this fear of never being in that state of enlightenment. What you can do is to move your life, your ideas, the things you choose to hold as valuable, and right. You may adjust those. You may keep adjusting them as you go along the way. As you do so, things become easier in many regards. Of course, you are designed by nature to focus yourself toward that which then reveals itself as no longer feeing good. Then you adjust again, and again.

How is this enlightenment? It is the dial by which you slowly, over time, move more and more in to synch with that which you seek. A sudden, crashing moment of ascension is best left to movies and stories. More attainable and within the reach of all, is the notion of adjusting your personal radio dial across the spectrum until you get to the chosen station. You have been, and always are adjusting your dial. We recommend, as you have chosen the seeker’s path, to decide that all the work you have been doing, all the classes, workshops, sessions and journeys of all kinds, have been moving you towards this ultimate acceptance. The acceptance of divine nature.

Let your approach be like a beautiful walk. The journey has interesting scenes along the way, yet you approach closer to your destination. You feel it growing closer. This has been felt by many of you who then find yourselves in frustration. Instead, acknowledge it means you have come a long way and the way forward is much shorter than that behind you. Know you will get there. Let it emerge. One day you will softly walk right in to that spot, without fanfare and drama. You simply become.

It is ready, as it has always been. It is simply the ever present self, awaiting your own revelation to it. Your recognition. Release the expectation of how it is to occur for you. Follow your own guidance, as the way lies before you.

With deep regard and eternal blessings,

The Divine Which Resides Within.