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1-2 HOURS      

Indulge in healing vibrations.

Relax, go deep and beyond as you are held in the healing resonance of both sound and crystals.

Lisa Virtue and Mark Daniel are blessed with an abundance of spiritual gifts. Intuitively and cooperatively they mix and meld, bringing forth sound and spiritual vibrations that deepen your experience.

Singing bowls, chimes, gongs, crystals and channelled vocal tones and divine energies bathe you in powerful, transformative vibrations.

Enjoy as these two skilled practitioners offer a space imbued with incredible divine energy.

Heal & Restore



SPIRIT SPEAKS - Channelling


The wisdom of the angels and divine realms flows through the conduit Lisa offers, to your ears. In this enlightening, interactive event our angelic friends will offer tools, insights and new perspectives to assist and uplift you in your life's journey.

Spirit begins with an introduction and insights on a subject in highest good for all.  Then they will answer questions, have engaging talks and offer supportive healing energy.

Lisa transmits the dialogue as it comes through, without editing.

                                    Uplift & Inspire


1-2 HOURS      

The cycles of the moon effect us here on the Earth. We can use these energies to support our well-being and development.

Learn what the current phase of the moon has to offer and participate in a traditional fire ceremony to set free encumbrances and embrace possibility.



Host an event for your group or at your facility:

Putting on a delightful event can be fun and easy.  Contact me about your idea and to coordinate the details.

Lisa is best reached by Email: Lisa [at]

She can also be reached via WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime at +(506)8547-0001, or via Facebook Messenger. 


"I really enjoyed working with you from the start. You were very open and collaborative, and working through the logistics was clear and easy. The night of the event you both worked rapidly and efficiently to set up and take down, and most importantly, the sound experience / explorations was absolutely wonderful - gentle, deeply healing."

Louise Lalande of coCreations