Healer & Channel


Lisa Virtue’s journey to working with the angels both on stage and in private, personal sessions is filled with twists, turns and miracles. 

The daughter of a diplomat, she was raised living in a variety of countries, providing Lisa with an international perspective and appreciation.  This helped her to develop an innate understanding that no matter our station in life or circumstances, we are all fundamentally the same underneath.  This understanding carried through her career path, including being a video editor and director, only to become even more profound when she began connecting with people’s higher selves and the greater divine spirit.

One day the Universe decided it was time to get Lisa on a new path and bing, bang, boom things happened quickly.  A trip to a massage therapist led to a grounding workshop, which led to trading services with a respected energy healer.  From there her exponential journey took off as her extrasensory perceptions began to blossom.  Before you know it, Lisa is encouraged to open her own healing practice.

Miracles and angel teachings came forth, particularly with Archangels Metatron, Michael and Raphael. They each came to teach her new healing and connecting methods: as Lisa lovingly calls it “Archangel School”. 

Today Lisa is living her life following the compass of her inner truth and trust in divine guidance.  She feels great joy as she permits Spirit to channel through her voice to deliver uplifting messages and helpful guidance to those in need.  She also works directly with Spirit providing healing at a deep level to aid in positive transformations in people’s lives.  Lisa remains ever grateful for the gifts, blessings and miracles in her life, and knows that each and every person has the ability to access the same.  It is now her desire to help people live their authentic life and open to the majesty and miracles available to them.





Lisa enjoys learning and, in addition to the continuing teachings from the angels/Spirit, she has studied a variety of modalities.


2 year Crystal Shamanism program

Vibrational Healing

Animal Communication

Plant Communication

Huna Level 1

Awakening the Illuminated Heart



Crystal Healing

Magnetic Healing


Muscle Testing





Lisa Virtue has been an avid yogini for over a decade.  It was her first Yin class that brought her in to a regular practice, and soon after added Gentle Hatha to her schedule.  Peppered in for interest Lisa has attended Restorative, Kundalini, Hot, Moksha, Hatha, Fundamentals, Acro, Handstands, and Meditation classes as well as single and multi-day yoga retreats.  She has also attended 10 days of Vipassana silent meditation in Montebello, Qc.

Lisa was encouraged to take her yoga teacher training yet waited until the timing was right when she could put the energy and focus into it that it deserved.  Now she is well on her way towards her 500 hour certification.

Lisa has been specializing in teaching Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, her passions. She thoroughly enjoys sharing the healing that comes from slowing down.

The philosophies of yoga are close to Lisa’s heart and align with the work she also offers as an Energy Healer.  Lisa has been approached to offer some of her knowledge from this area to yoga teacher trainees, in order to enhance their understanding of what is possible with energy and some of the tools available.


Yoga Alliance 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher #238220


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Embodied Flow(TM)         Instructor: Jess Kamell         Gili Meno, Indonesia (Bali)


300 hour Yoga Teacher Training – in progress

Restorative Yoga           Instructor: Anne Pitman        Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Yin Yoga Foundations   Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Yin Yoga: Myofascial & Trigger Point Release    Marla Ericksen    EMY, Ottawa

Yin: For Upper Body     Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Chakra Yoga                Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Yoga Prehabilitation     Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Intro to Buddhism         Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Inward Escape             Instructor: Marla Ericksen    Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Advanced Pranayama Instructor: Sylvie Gouin        Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Mantra and Sanskrit    Instructor: Sylvie Gouin        Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa

Embodiment                 Instructor: Anne Pitman        Empower ME Yoga, Ottawa


Yoga DVDs

Producer, Director, Editor, DVD Author:       Yoga For Everyone with Marla Ericksen

Editor, DVD Author:                                      Yin Yang Fusion Yoga with Marla Ericksen