Heal deep life issues, feel like a day at the spa.


Advanced Transformation Session

120 MINUTES $200*

Deep. Transformative. Personalized.

Discover a new level of clarity in mind, body and spirit. Profound and personal, your customized session works deep within your being, releasing issues at their very core. Feel fresh and revitalized as you awaken to the divine within you. 

Lisa works intuitively and with her team of healing angels.  Together they pinpoint what is needed and address these in the way that is just right for you.  Every session is different and may include channelled toning and insights; divine presence transformation; shamanic journeying; Reiki; removal of energetic build up; chakra cleaning; entity clearing; healing roots from a past life; cords, attachments, outside influence removal; akashic records; personal dimensional grid upgrade; ancestral healing; sound, crystals, and so much more.


2•2•2 Easy - Healing Intensive Package

6 Hours $550*

If you are ready to go deep and do some serious transformation, this package is designed to assist and encourage you - on multiple levels.  Three 2-hour sessions allow us to go deeper and deeper, unveiling your inner light as you live more fully as your authentic self.

The package price also comes with a pro-rated, money-back guarantee, encouraging you to go for it, without risk.



60 MINUTES $100*

Usui Reiki is a Japanese System based on ancient techniques for accessing natural, vibrational, Ki (lifeforce)-healing energy. It has been passed down in a lineage of Masters of Transcendental Knowledge for over 2,500 years.

This is a quieter session in which your body, mind and spirit steep in the healing energies.

Sound and Crystals - Heal & Restore

Lisa 60 MINUTES $100* • Lisa & Mark Daniel 60 MINUTES $175*

Indulge in healing vibrations.

Relax, go deep and beyond as you are held in the healing resonance of both sound and crystals. 

As you bathe in the powerful energy of crystals laid on and around you, Lisa channels the angels' healing vocal tones. This is layered with the magic of singing bowls and other transformational healing energies divinely inspired to come through.

Mark Daniel is blessed with an abundance of spiritual gifts.  He is well known for his sound ceremonies imbued with incredible divine energy that takes you exactly where you need to go.  Mark has a deep connection with the many bowls, chimes and gongs he stewards. Intuitively and cooperatively they beautifully mix and meld, bringing forth sound and spiritual vibrations that deepen your experience.

Enjoy these two skilled practitioners offering powerful transformative energies together.


Chakra Clearing

60 MINUTES $100*

Are you feeling off, clogged, clouded, have over-indulged or visited a negative feeling space that you just can't shake?  A Chakra Clearing will clean off the "muck" and restore your system to a healthy balance and flow, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Distance Healing

60 MINUTES $120* • 90 MINUTES $175*

For those unable to see Lisa in person, she is adept at performing healing sessions remotely.  Time and space are not factors when working on the energetic, spiritual levels.  Lisa will provide you with a written or recorded summary of what transpired in the session.


Pet Healing

60 MINUTES $120* • 90 MINUTES $175*

Our pets are no less a loved member of our family than any other.  Of course we wish to help and support them however we can. Energy healing works very well for pets as they hold less resistance than humans tend to. Distance sessions are the perfect way to aid these loved ones as it removes all manner of challenges associated with arranging a physical session.

Lisa performs a session in a similar way to human distance healing.  She also communicates with the spirit of the animal to find out what it would like to communicate and how it perceives what is occurring.  Our pets come to help us in our life journeys, so don't be surprised if issues you or a family member are experiencing are referenced. This awareness brings an opportunity for positive changes to the whole family.


Space Clearing

contact for in-person rate

Distance 60 MINUTES $120* • 90 MINUTES $175*

Does the energy of your home, office, business or land feel off somehow?  Perhaps you or a loved one has gone through a big challenge or illness and the energies are lingering? Are you having trouble selling or are projects involving the space plagued with difficulties?  Are you experiencing unusual disturbances?

These are many of the varied reasons a space clearing would be beneficial.  Lisa intuitively tunes in to the energies of the space and utilizes a variety of spiritual tools to bring clarity, harmony and light back into the space.

In-person clearings are available and wonderful.  You are invited to join in the process if you desire, receiving healing yourself as we go.  The powerful combination of both Lisa and Mark Daniel performing this cleansing ceremony is not to be missed.

If an in-person clearing is not feasible, it can also be done as a distance session.  This is also powerful and takes less time than an in-person session.  A written or recorded summary of what transpired will be provided.






* Please note that listed fees are for the service and taxes only. An additional room rental fee for in-person sessions will be added according to the specific location.

For appointments or information:

Lisa is best reached by Email: Lisa [at] LisaVirtue.com

She can also be reached via WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime at +(506)8547-0001, or via Facebook Messenger. 


"Thank you from the very depths of my soul for the wonderful healing and awakening 'sound' session. It truly was an amazing experience for me...