“I can hardly remember the woman that walked into Lisa’s office for the first time just two short years ago. She was me - but a version of me consumed by fear, anxiety, unconsciousness and forgetting. Lisa’s gifts, wise words, and healing energy have helped me remember. Remember who I truly am, and helped the light that is in me - and in all of us - shine so bright. She has helped me find my courage, my strength, and ferocious love that was trapped under layers of unconscious conditioning. I will forever be grateful for our sessions, and that fateful day, just two short years ago, when I stepped into her office for the first time.”

- Jenna Baggott, Ottawa

Lisa Virtue is a passionate, fearless and yet gentle healer. Her work is profound, generous, uplifting and above all, loving. I recommend her dearly.
— A.P., Ottawa

Thank you again-that was such a profound experience and it’s already inspired me to make changes in my life (and it’s only been 2 days!)
— Maddie Kay, USA

The changes were undeniable and deeply felt on my part. I feel so confident now, and I feel like I was practically reborn.
— M.P., Ottawa

What a healing session! Lisa Virtue, you are a miracle worker!
— Sophie Gagnon, Hearst

Lisa, you possess a truly rare gift, the ability to connect with everyone on a deep, spiritual level. I left your workshop filled with immense gratitude!
— L.C., Ottawa

“My healing session with Lisa was just that ... healing! Through all levels of heart, body, mind, I left my session quite humbled and feeling very awake to my life. The way spirit moves through her to help is incredible!”

- Kim Bolton, Stittsville

Something is definitely shifting and I learned so much from our session I feel closer to my soul then I had before that day. You are a true earth angel!!
— K.M., Ottawa

It was truly incredible the difference our session made and is making... It was like my body was made of silk... This calmness allowed for insights into a different way of being with and in self.
— S.V., Ottawa

My spirit guides spoke to me through Lisa, and I knew/felt this was real... They answered questions that I had forgot I had asked long ago... They put my feelings and knowledge into a perspective that I could understand.
— K.H., Ottawa

Dana Moore_1.jpg

"Thank you from the very depths of my soul for the wonderful healing and awakening 'sound' session this morning.  When I stepped outside your door, I was aware of a new expansiveness of the day, the world ... everything just seemed very large, wide open, available.  Even small details of tree branches appeared in great detail, so many things I did not see, or were not aware of before my session with you.  

It truly was an amazing experience for me, and I plan on telling as many people as I can, in hopes that they too may 'resonate' to this wonderful modality you two are presenting.

I have remained in that light-filled state the entire day, and even now as I just came in, I am still noticing the vast beauty in everything that surrounds me....even a mosquito!"

- Dana Moore, Ottawa