Let Us Begin

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is time to understand more about yourselves. It is time to know more about who you are underneath your human personality and the busyness of your day-to-day lives.

We have written often of the true self and knowing that you are loved beyond the mind’s reason. This is to be a basis of understanding from now forward. This we shall now move beyond to explore the self and others as they relate to oneness.

Today we bring to you the idea that you are part of the One, the All-ness of creation, of existence. As you breathe, your awareness is finite in the limited scope of this life as who you see yourself as. The human person with a name. As you feel, you feel with your sensing abilities. As you think, you ruminate with a mind of creative power, born of the physical, yet inspired often from an intangible source.

How you interact in the world is a manifestation of the focus given. Your self lies beyond all of these sensations and physical life knowings. Your self is vast beyond comprehension of parameters that appear to exist here for you in this life. Yet the perceived limitations and experiences you have here, do not change the truth of the vast consciousness that is the nature of your essence.

The dream does not change the dreamer, if you will. When you sleep, you have experiences in your dream worlds, yet awake once again back to who you have been all along. The dreams felt real. The scenarios had importance to them. In fact, many of your dream scenarios help the physical person that is you to make sense of the goings on in your life. Insights come forth to aid your progression and enrich your life experience.

The dream that is this life you are experiencing has far more staying power than those during the night. There is a greater permanence to this exploration you are on. So you feel a great connection to this life self and what it is made of.

The dreamer beyond this dream of life on Earth is vast in consciousness. Unlimited by space and time - the constructs of the world of the dream. You have created a vast universe as a playground for exploration. Wherever the minds and imaginations take you is available to explore here. So the self you seek to define as your greater being or essence is truly incapable of being described in the context of the dream.

In your quest for enlightenment and some form of ascension beyond these limits you live within now, you seek definition that may be understood within the context of this dream. Here we are coming to you in your realm to assist the thoughts you have, to coax you towards a more “lucid dream”. An experience of realizing you are dreaming, yet having enough awareness from your other, awake self to realize you have the power to manipulate the experience to some extent. That the rules are less solid than they seemed.

The largest, and most confounding rule you have been following is that of fear. This is the primary rule we aim to assist you in recognizing no longer needs to be perceived as having truth to it. The adjustment of this concept alone in your consciousness alleviates 90% of life’s ills.

So let us begin this leg of the journey together now. We will explore the greater essence, the Oneness, and ways in which you, here in the dreamworld, may elevate your consciousness to be more lucid in experience.

We thank you for your attention, interest and dedication to knowing your true self in greater and greater ways.

Great Divine blessings are yours always,

The Oneness within, and a part of you.