The wisdom of the angels, guides and divine realms flows through the conduit Lisa offers, to your ears. Tools, insights and new perspectives are shared to assist and uplift you in your life's journey.

Lisa transmits the dialogue as it comes through, without editing.  You may ask what you wish as what and how Spirit answers is up to them.  In Lisa's experience, Lottery numbers and other specifics tend to be outside Spirit's intention for these communications.  If it is in highest good for a message from a deceased loved one to come through, Spirit will make it happen.  It is recommended to hold that type of connection as a bonus though.



60 MINUTES $100

Available: In Person, via Phone or Internet

A recording will be made available, delivered via private, downloadable link.


For appointments or information:

Lisa is best reached by Email: Lisa [at]

She can also be reached via WhatsApp, or Facetime at +1(613)296-4271, or via Facebook Messenger.