In The Highest

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

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Dear Ones, we write to you now to communicate our well wishes, to say to you that all is well in your life, your world, your sphere of experience. If you have felt otherwise, have had emotional challenges, please be aware that a purging is occurring.  There is a period of cleansing, if you will, taking place for many, many beings at this time in your continuum. “The great purge” some may call it, yet you may have felt it is no different in scale than previous purges you have experienced. Your timeline (age) on Earth may, in part, influence how you perceive this period of time.
Take a deep breath, feel the metamorphosis underway. Conjured is the imagery of a butterfly in transition. How must it feel to undergo such an extensive cataclysm in one’s life? One has but imagine what you would feel if you dissolved down to components only to recreate yourself in a higher evolution of form. So as you melt away the pieces of your life no longer active in service, embrace the transformative power being undergone. What a miracle it is that you may so transform or transfigure yourselves. Such power you have to recreate, to transform yourself. We are in awe (so to speak) of the majesty of your beingness. The desire to experience such profundity and the fortitude, the heroism at times, called upon to make it through the trials and challenges you face. 
The challenges, set out from a higher plane of self-awareness, perfectly suited for your particular advancement in understanding life and its creative potential. Some challenges may seem to be beyond your comprehension. Let that be okay with you. It is not mandatory that all reasons be understood for all that occurs. That is a request to yourself that far outweighs the limited arena you have decided to play and experience in for this while. Your time here as this human you are, is meant to enrich, inspire and propel you into new ideas, and thoughts, and states. 


“Enjoy the rich canopy,” we were channelling Lisa to write for us, yet as it transmitted, we perceived the conjoint energetic response from many of you there...  Challenging you to enjoy an aspect you have been perceiving in a manner that feels very much less than pleasant, is not our intention. The encouragement we prefer to offer is one of recognition that there is much beyond current perceptions. Know that feelings of woe, duress, or suffering of any kind each have their duration, yet all items transform. Some you dance with for short periods, others have a longer presence. As you delve in to the transformations, to emerge new and different than before, you offer to yourselves opportunities of new life. Meaning you have the new ability to see things differently. You may look upon the world with new eyes, so to say. A choice you can make is to see the ever-changing beauty, the flow.
We leave you with the following thought to contemplate and digest for a time: What are you and who are you choosing to be? What nature is yours in truth? What have you opted for that, from your new awareness, you recognize is no longer your real preference? Make the changes today and in the time that comes when awareness comes to light, and you will find a feeling of freeness that you may have sought for longer than you realized.
Being free with yourselves, Dear Ones, is encouraged and delightful for all.
With great blessings from “the Beyond”,
Your Angel Spirit Helpers – dear friends of old.
Blessings and Namaste

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