The Divine Channel

Channelled by Lisa Virtue


We speak to you on this day through the channel Lisa Virtue. She offers a conduit of communication from the realm of the Divine. This style of connection and communication is not unique to Lisa, nor is it a talent beyond the capabilities of most people. However, not all choose, nor are necessarily aware of its availability to them. 

What is a channel, you may ask? Simply put, it is a focused tuning in to a frequency. A person who allows themselves to tune in to and receive understandings and information from an element of experience which, in this particular case, you call Divine. Channelling operates in various dimensions and those who choose to commune in this manner are able to tune in to a variety of awarenesses or experience planes. For example, some channels choose to connect with other life forms who exist in your physical plane.

Lisa chooses to access a realm of Divine knowing. A place of higher consciousness where the severe limitations you are familiar with do not play a part. We speak as a group of conscious energy beings, part of the whole of all that is, yet with enough experience as individuals to retain the possibility of that type of awareness. For ease, the term angels, guides, spirits are often applied to ones of our nature. In truth there is a vastness much greater and less separate than may be easily expressed in your realm of dual nature.

We share this with you as a reminder that communing with the greater understanding is not held from you. It is accessible. We share through those who have developed their own connection, in order to reach more of you. Finding connection or communion within yourself is possible and desirable. For there is the greater essence of you which is there as well. The higher self some have called this great, vast expression of you. You have the facility to commune with the less hindered focus of self.

We speak to you of this today to encourage you to release your intimidated or discouraged thoughts about your own abilities. Have faith in yourself that you too, are as divine a part of all that is as any other able to connect and commune with the greater, less limited realm of experience. It is time to move forth from greater limitation into vaster experience.

We love you and know you will find the perfect connection for you in the optimal timing. Release your own shame, doubt, fear or anxious resistance and breathe in a breath of God (or the appropriate term that suits your belief of the vast oneness of creation).

In fellowship,

Parts of the Divine