The Divine Within

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

moral compass.jpg

Does your heart know what is true? We ask ourselves frequently to rely on what our hearts tell us. Yet do we know what we are asking of ourselves? We have the sense that there is a feeling that comes from a loving place that knows what is right. We often connect that feeling with the heart-centre in the body. We look for a moral compass to guide our thoughts, direction and interactions.

What are we really accessing though? How often have you felt tortured through your own emotions? Emotions are wonderful indicators of how you are relating to something. The wounds in our lives are very often at play when we struggle so. We have some kind of learning or underlying thought or belief that is holding us in opposition to our bliss. So if we relied on our emotions to tell us the truth, we could be lead wildly astray.

Thus we come around to “The Divine Within.” In reality, this is what we are intending to connect with to guide us and lead us well in our lives. The inner being is that aspect of the Divine that is expressing as us. This is the part able to access Divine knowing.

The ability to perceive this essence within you is available to all humans. It is a quiet, emotion-less aspect that knows what is true. It knows your life intentions from your spirit’s perspective and has that innate sense always present, always able to be felt. Clearing the clutter of our minds, emotions and distractions is what makes this part of us easier to hear and to access.

Soothing oneself on the levels needed to have a calm state of inner listening is all you require. An openness to perceiving this subtle knowing is extremely helpful. How do you see yourself tuning in to your truth if you are not willing to believe it when you hear it? Once you have perceived and accepted it, know that its guidance is truth.

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Let us illustrate this for you. Imagine you are walking up to an intersection. You see a signpost indicating your destination is to the left. However you know that it is actually to the right. You trust your knowing and go to the right, finding your destination where you knew it to be. What about the signpost? If one went solely on logic and evidence, then following the signpost would have been the conclusion. The result likely bringing frustration, at the least.

How often do our minds use logic to fight with us about what decision we should make? The mind is very good at rationalizing all of the data it has collected and made conclusions about and connections between. It will tell you how, rationally, this must be the way. Yet we are not always led to our preferences. Signposts can be moved, after all.

Now is a time where people are choosing, demanding even, that another way must be found. They are no longer satisfied with the results mind-only based directions have led us toward. So now is the time of the soul, the re-emergence of inner-based guidance.

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Take the time to listen to your inner knowing. Have enough faith in your own divine being within to take steps in that direction. Pioneers are needed to show the way with this “new” way of living. Those of us willing to risk challenge and promote change, even if it is only within ourselves, will make a grand difference to all beings. Promoting the wisdom of the inner knowing above the fear-based thought patterns brings one into a sense of harmony, flow and interrelationship with life itself.

You are capable of honing this divine awareness within yourself. There simply needs to be the will to do so. Take it as you can. Try when you remember. Let your discord be a reminder to go within. Peace is found from the wisdom of the Divine within you. Know it is always available, and as you choose to give less weight or importance to the distractions and opinions of the outside world, or the mind-based conclusions, you will find a growing sense of this inner being. It will become easier to access.

Be in love with your inner sense and fly free in the feeling of knowing, truly, what is right for you.

With absolute love of you,

Your Divine Essences, together, collaborating as One.