What You Need

Channelled by Lisa Virtue


What you need may seem evident to you.  Certain fundamentals come to mind and other particular desires for achievement.  What if your needing was examined from a different perspective?

Imagine if you will a light in a desert.  This light seems so bright and overwhelming.  Thirst making, skin burning, incapacitating even.  This same light viewed from the arctic tundra may have similar qualities, yet a different experience.  The same light given a region of temperate nature with shelter and water in abundance may have quite a different effect.  The climate and circumstance highly influence the perception of this same resource that is light.

The resources of time or money or influence, etc. can all be perceived so differently.  So what is real?  You are the creator of the landscape in which these energies are interpreted.  You have chosen, whether through conscious action or other, the landscape of your perception.

You are very good at creating these landscapes.  It comes quite naturally, by instinct. What has not been so prevalent is the witnessing of the repercussions and conscious reforming of the landscape.  We are speaking on a personal level, though you may witness this at the societal level.

Your framework need not remain as it is, just because you have a history with it.  We have spoken at length of the many ways to consciously connect with your inner being.  You have found much guidance on this matter.  Using this understanding of tuning in and feeling what the inner self  holds as true for you, you are able to consciously shift your landscapes to more harmonious ones. 

Choose a time to sit and contemplate how you have formed your platform, if you will.  Analyze, or simply choose to even regard at all, the whys of particular forms in your life platform. You chose a particular framework, why?  Was this a construct someone showed you and you integrated?  Is the foundation of that construct supportive for you?  Was it potentially formed of their wounds or beliefs that aren’t in your reality, your experiences?  Ask yourself what could be true for you.  Are you aware or open to sensing another possibility?

Question the value of these constructs and choose to move towards new forms that are more aligned with that inner knowing, the being within you. Choosing in this way then creates a new landscape.  Without ever changing the nature of the resource itself you have facilitated a brand new relationship with it in your life experience.  Design a desert and you will feel forever parched.  Question why you decided there needed to be only sand and you have the beginnings of shifting into a tropical oasis.

How long have you let other people dictate your landscape?  This is not a failing on your part. Simply the power of recognition, of understanding, has not clearly made its way into your active consciousness.  Now the awareness is dawning.  The idea seeping in that there is so much more you are capable of than was ever shown you.  Bask in the beauty and magnificence of what is truly available.  Know that you are indeed a powerful creator, awakening to this new reality, a new era of conscious, more aligned creation.

Letting go of the “veracity” of these long-held beliefs opens the way for the aligned to make itself known to you.  Chasing is counterproductive.  Allowing the dawning of a new thought, a new idea of what’s possible will feel more intuitive.  It will allow the balanced to become clearly visible to you in its right time.

Take this time now to breathe a sigh of relief.  Feel the burden already begin to lift, the constraints begin to soften.  Now you have begun a self-freedom technique that can serve you well into the future. 

Be One and at peace,
Your Divine Guidance