Live Your Authentic Life

Even if it means you'll get a raised eyebrow, or you have to be brave, it's worth it.

My Adventure

I've just returned from a month in Thailand. While that sounds idyllic, this trip was about exploring beyond my old comfort zone, and required me to be brave. 

I love the idea of working and traveling combined, particularly in the tropics during our winter. ;)    "Figuring it out" from a computer wasn't working so I took some advice and set off on a reconnaissance mission.  This trip was about getting my feet on the ground and seeing what it's actually like - in so many ways.

As this was a step into what felt like the journey my authentic self had been calling for, I wanted to use my inner guidance to lead me.  I've been using my inner guidance for years, so it should be a delightful experience.  Little did I realize the extent of the pressure I had placed on my soon-to-be-outside-my-comfort-zone self.

You see, while I have traveled on my own before, I have never traveled alone for so long without a predefined activity, destination or itinerary. A month in Bali for yoga teacher training? No sweat. (Well, actually lots of sweat, but the physical kind, not the metaphorical kind. LOL.) Dropping myself onto an island to "investigate"?  Metaphorical sweat. Lots of it.

Feeling the ease of one's guidance can be more challenging when under stress.  A full day of traveling, then "emotional jet lag" got that started for me right away.  I knew it was best to just enjoy the beach, flowers and butterflies for a couple of days.  Always find the things that bring you happiness and choose to focus on them for a while.  It helps.  It also helps to connect with your healer/guide.  I am fortunate that my partner is such and our 12hr time difference enabled us to talk at the start and end of our days.

To keep a long story shorter, the stresses I would feel over the course of the journey brought directly into my awareness the issues I needed to confront or recognize.  They showed me where certain patterns of doing things wouldn't work for me anymore.  They showed me how I am, my tendencies, my weaknesses... and my strengths.

A big one I have yet to process fully was how waiting for clear guidance about the next place to go or thing to do had me consistently scrambling to make last minute bookings and travel arrangements.  Thought I'd be more cool with that.  I have a hunch it's more a young backpacker thing.

I should really refer to this trip as First Chakra Shakeup.  The first chakra is all about stability, security, foundations, roots, survival. The times I was caught up in my thinking mind, reacting to the destabilized first chakra, it would have helped if I'd gone straight into a grounding exercise.  But I'm human and it didn't always occur to me.  It will now be the go-to at the top of my list.

I am happy I was able to draw on the first chakra qualities of courage, resourcefulness and fortitude to help myself through this adventure.  I learned more about how different people go about working on the islands I visited.  I saw what some of the spiritual based centres were like. I met like-minded people from all over the world who were enthusiastic about me and my offerings, opening up avenues for future explorations. Plus I discovered in a more conscious way where some of my preferences lie... at least in this moment.  I have a distinct impression things will evolve as I get out into the world and have more direct experiences.

So living your authentic life is a process.  It isn't always clear and things can sometimes be messy or disconcerting.  It's about evolving.  Stretching out of the box of who you've become by default or influence.  It's about being curious. Curious about what the You deep inside of you wants.... is... can become.

As Anita Moorjani says, "Live your life fearlessly."  Live YOUR life, not someone else's.  Discover more about your authentic self.  After all, you are a beautiful, unique gift to the Universe.

With love,