Your Divine Presence

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Divine light shines through you, do you realize this? Your particular emanation is chosen specifically.  Do not hesitate to think that you are part of “God’s plan.” How can you be separate from it when you are part of that called “Divine”? There is no other energy source present, no other consciousness playing a part. 

So as the Divine you must have purpose, reason for being as you currently are and have ever been and yet will be.  Can you hold in your thoughts for but a moment the idea, the concept, that you are already perfect?  There is nothing wrong with you.

How strange does this feel?  Could it be possible to release all the pre-judgements, accusations and blame?  What would you feel like if those were not a part of your repertoire?  How could you perceive yourself newly?  What might happen if the limits you accepted in your life and experiences no longer existed?  How could you more fully see who you truly are?  How might your consciousness flow through this new shape of “container” or lack thereof?

What would you tell yourself about life’s possibilities?  You may find your subconscious mind takes some interesting turns, leading you into unexplored areas.

Give these ideas a try.  Take some time to contemplate, or to meditate on what they could mean for you.  What do you feel as you explore these concepts?  Are you finding an ability to truly receive the insights, or is denial and justification more prominent at this time?  Plant the seeds Dear Ones and allow the ideas to bloom for you, in your own way.

You are loved completely,

The Divine Within