Channelled by Lisa Virtue

What is love?  The connotations and applications are myriad.  Yet what is that true essence to which we are referring when using the term “love”?

How you feel is more of an indicator.  The true nature of love is more accurately the divine resonance of creation.  Feeling love indicates alignment with the fabric of reality.  The cosmic essence, if you will.

If you think about how you would describe feeling in love with someone or something, you might describe feeling in synch, in tune with, or incredibly similar.  Your personal resonances match, or fit in a way that feels divine.

In truth you are sampling a taste of the frequency that is the true nature of all.  Yes, there are chemicals within your system that aid in the love feeling.  Perhaps the love you feel fades or shifts into another feeling.  These transient moments and mechanisms of sensation are simply means and manners in which you access divine harmony.

This connection with the universal frequency can be accessed in many ways and any time. When you see love from the perspective of divine frequency you understand that love is possible in reference to anything that exists.  For truly it is your personal connection which is being felt.  The stimulus may appear to be external to you but the feeling is you aligning with Source, which is love frequency.

Enjoy the feeling of love.  Dismantle your containers to which you restrict love’s presence.  Let love be felt within you in previously unexpected ways.   Allow yourself to be inspired to your divine resonance through anything that you encounter.  Choose the perspective of alignment with divine frequency and see how things change for you.

With great Divine Alignment,

Your Universal Helpers