Inner Knowing

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Finding yourself in this time of change can feel like a challenge.  How do you know who you truly are when you have not experienced it in your day-to-day being-ness yet?

How you come in to this word is so innocent and pure, you see. So trusting and with faith. Years, decades, later you stop to see the path you have taken and wonder where that faith went. You wonder how that innocent expectation could possibly return to you at this point, having experienced so much.

Yet we are here to share with you the knowledge that it is indeed possible.  The return of your faith can be felt within you.  Your creations are manifesting around you so quickly now.  You will come to see the time between thought, expression and witnessing as a smooth flow.  It behoves you then to follow a path of insight management.  A time of choosing a ‘witnessing of thought’ process.

Pay attention to the way you are creating in your life at this time.  Do this without criticizing who you are.  You are forever a beautiful being of love and Divine presence, that is assured.  Within the context of the life you are experiencing and expressing as, see yourself simply as you are currently being.  How are you creating, thinking, feeling and projecting or expressing?  What are you choosing and how is it interfacing with that which surrounds you?

The key to new thinking, feeling, expressing and interaction is the observation and new decision.  How am I doing this? What is the witness-able effect?  Is it to my preference?  If it is not, how can I use that knowing to determine my preferred state of being?  How is the part of me that is aware of a different choice perceiving the possibilities?

If I know that something isn’t feeling right for me, it indicates that I do know what is in alignment.  Simply being aware is a good beginning.  Recognizing a part of you understands beyond what you have been living to date it’s a great boon to you. It truly has been with you all along, as the great gurus and sages have espoused over the eons.

Dear Friends, begin in truly connecting with this awareness of there being a part that knows.  Leaping to the stage of ‘having all the answers’ will not arise if you have not established a knowing or a sense – a faith – that you have what you have been seeking within you. Imagine how the rest will be allowed to flow smoothly when you have true belief in that connection?

You have it all within you already.  Use kindness with your own self in moving along the self-revealing process.  We hold you in esteem and reverence for your expressions, Dear Ones. Dissipate criticism with a sense of wonder.  How spectacular it can be to discover more about the depths of your being.

With love and deep gratitude for your journey of being,

Spirit Of All Things.


Lisa Virtue is a healer and channel who delves into the inner workings of the soul.  Join with her for a time of deep inner revealing.  Helping you find yourself is the key to these healing arts.

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