Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Dear Ones, we are with you and have been so for all time.  You are part of the All, as are We. The Oneness you seek is your true, natural state of being.  The illusion frustrates you, for within there is a knowing, remembering, or perhaps it feels like a longing for what you know is truth.

The illusion of life has served you, and many before you, for advancement.  An advancement of understanding within context.   Just this morning our lovely channel, Lisa, voiced the idea that the process of recalling and embodying your true selves must be part of the overall plan, serving a purpose, or it would occur at the first thought of the desire for it to be so.  In a way this is true.  However what remained unclear to Lisa was that the illusion in which you are experiencing is wholly that of your creation.  You are amazing Divinity itself.  There is nothing off limits to you.  You are part of Creator – Source itself.

Fear comes to mind as you consider this.  Disgust even at the preposterous thought that you would create such hell as you see it.  Yet in a world of imagination, what holds truth?   As a request, Lisa asked for assistance in bridging the gap she felt between existing in the illusion and perceiving from her “higher self”.  The answer came in one of practicing not only viewing the world and thoughts as part of the illusion, but allowing herself to feel who she is behind that illusion.  The practice of this aiding in feeling beyond a mere concept.

You are the actor behind the mask.  Know this is so and set your intention to allow yourself to acknowledge the you beyond the finite.  Allow your essence the gift of unhindered process.  Give the gift of trust to your inner being and allow yourself to feel and explore what it is.  As you do, repeatedly, over time, a comfort will be gained.  Familiarity.  Recognition.  Allow this process its time.  Let the feeling of inner, true self evolve.  For it will expand at your choosing for it to do so.  Give it time.

You are the blessing Dear Ones.  You are gifting the All-That-Is with the creativity of your expressions.  You are joy itself.  Perceived limits are part of the “show”.  In the Divine truth no limits exist.  Play with life and how you are expressing yourselves Dear Ones.  Feel into the knowingness of your true being.  Allow unfolding to bless creation with your choices, thoughts and feelings.  You are magnificent and appreciated.  The knowing of this will reveal much to you.

Blessed Be,

The Divine Angel of Awareness