Introduction to Sacred Practices


Whether you are new to modern day spirituality or have been interested for a while, there always seems to be more to learn and new things to try.

The journey is one of self-development but ultimately leads right back to the core of who we truly are.

There are several understandings and practices I have found to be important foundations in my own journey.  I share them now with you as offerings for exploring your own personal spiritual journey and expanding the radiance of your beautiful light.




Whether framed in a class, series, workshop or retreat there are a variety of topics to explore!

• Energy
• Sacred Space
• Intention
• Chanting
• Clearing Energy

• Astrology
• Crystals
• Sound Healing
• Grounding
• and more…


Topic Info


You have likely heard people talking about Energy as something other than fossil fuels and electricity. They may be discussing such things as their personal energy, someone else's, the energy of a room, or a house or even the general atmosphere. Maybe they're talking about new energy healing techniques. Discover what they are talking about, how it works, how far reaching it is, what kinds of things it effects, and what you can do with it.

sacred space

Everything can be sacred.  Learn to heighten the magnitude and effectiveness of your spiritual practices and create an honoured space in which to be.


Intention is more powerful than you may imagine. It sets the course. Whatever you desire to manifest, no matter the size, complexity, or nature, intention plays a key role. It plays a part in our entire life, however when delving in to spiritual practices, it becomes vital to align your intentions appropriately.


Repeating Mantras (sounds or phrases) is a form of meditation and intention designed to bring us closer to the Divine. Personally, I find repeating or singing mantras gives my mind something to focus on, which allows for greater ease in meditation. It can be both fun and profound. Coming together in a group to chant raises and expands the experience.

clearing energy

We clean ourselves, our spaces and our things to keep them nice and fresh. Because most people cannot see energy, it is not understood that it can also benefit from cleaning. Clearing stagnant and negative energies removes impediments and leaves you feeling fresh and able to function from a better state-of-mind.


I like to say that astrology is the handbook to our lives we’ve always wanted. It has been around for millennia, as people continue to find correlation between what is happening in the heavens and what happens in our lives on Earth. We each have an astrological chart from the moment of our birth. The more we learn about the chart, the more we are able to understand ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.


Crystals are known for their beauty. They are so much more. Learn about the power of crystals to heal and transform, how to choose crystals and ways to use them to support your life. Crystals are a particular delight of mine and great allies in my life and healing practice. I look forward to sharing the joy of crystals with you.


Sonic vibrations are able to effect us on many levels. From pulverizing kidney stones to launching us into a deep meditation, to moving us to tears or to dance. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic are all influenced by sound. Discover the vast potential of sound in ways you may not have considered, and how you can use it for positive effect in your life. Mark and Lisa will demonstrate how they use sound in their healing practices.


This has been the most important understanding and practice for me.  It is the foundation upon which all the rest sits and is vital to health and well-being.  When you are grounded, you are in your most capable and calm state of being, stable yet free.  You will learn about grounding and practice methods to enter in to this desirable state whenever you choose.


There's a reason meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and is becoming popular in today's western world.  Coming in to stillness and quieting the mind allows a clearer connection with our true selves.  When the noise, clutter and distractions are no longer present, what lies beneath can be heard and felt.  We will explore a variety of meditation techniques.


There are many ways to connect. With ourselves and with that which is beyond our normal, daily perceptions. We can connect with our inner being, or higher self, with spirit guides, angels, creator, other life forms. All being part of the great Oneness. We will discuss many different ways of connecting, what it all means, how it is useful, and how you can begin tuning in.



If you would like to host a Class, a Series or a Workshop(s), please contact me to make arrangements.